Lost in Space

by Suckerpunch

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Suckerpunch, like many bands before and since, played their "Last Show" on July 18th, 2009. It was in a smoky little bar near my house that I spent most of that summer hanging out at. I was moving to Iowa, to help support my wife who was in grad school at UI at the time and we could no longer afford to pay two different sets of bills. I was really bummed at the time, and for the first couple of years, being super homesick, I was really hating on Iowa. I'm glad I eventually figured out what a great place it is. I still go back when I can. Lots of friends. Lots of food.

That night in July '09, I assumed, as did many, that the band would eventually just stop. I had no idea that I would ever move back to Florida and without me there, I assumed that while songs would get written, possibly recorded, and once in awhile played live, that the behind-the-scenes promotional stuff would get forgotten and inevitably, nobody would remember who we were after a bit.

I just could not shake the pull this band has over me. I still promoted the hell out of us. Mostly online, out of necessity, but anyone who would listen, I'd tell them how we were the best damn ska/punk band in Orlando and that you should go online and give us a listen. I wound up meeting a very cool guy named Tony who was a scientist by day and website guru / show promoter at night. He had this great site put together called "Bandwith.org," which sadly did not last. It was fantastic while it was around though. We were able to network, sell our music, promote non-stop, and we even did an entire interview with this guy on his radio show. the Bandwith guys were very supportive.

When Jeff and I started writing this album and coming up with the concept, I was very much hung up on wanting to focus on being from Florida. Jeff wanted an outer space feel. We compromised. We even wrote a little bit of press that went on a couple of sites when we were getting ready to release the album. Here is a bit of that:

"Well, its been 3 years since we put out "Department of the Inferior" and since then a ton has changed in the world of Suckerpunch. JT moved to Iowa, Will moved to Chicago, Nate moved to Ohio, Dave moved to West Virginia and Jeff and Yellow remain in Orlando. However, Jeff and JT didn't let 1400 miles come between their creative collaboration and over the course of 2010 and 2011 they began writing a new album. Here it is. Lost in Space.
It is in many ways a love letter to the state they have called home for most of their lives. We feel that Florida has had its share of negative attention over the past decade or so, poor economy and a bleak job market, hurricanes, the housing collapse, a certain governor we refer to as 'he-who-must-not-be-named-but-should-be-impeached', the voting fiasco in some of our past presidential elections... You name it, the FLA has been beat up a bit, and we want people to know that this amazing peninsula is still the best place in the world to live, work, raise a family and at the very least visit if you have a chance. We're to a point where we feel that we're on our own, so in a way, it is the state of Florida itself that is 'lost in space'. But the inhabitants here make it what it is, so here is our way of saying 'keep working, keep striving, keep doing whatever we have to in order to rebuild Florida to its status as the premiere vacation destination on the planet'. Its pretty obvious we're very proud of where we're from. But Lost in Space isn't just about Florida, it is also a salute to the number of people who have been there, supporting us for so long. It is also a chance to honor the memory of those most important to us whom we have lost over the years. We keep you in our hearts. We are thankful everyday just to have known you, to have had the chance to be inspired by you.
We recorded this while JT came home on vacation the first week and a half of June at Jeff's new studio. Believe us, there was a ton of hours put into just tracking. We wrote two songs for this album during that week. The countless hours that followed just getting it to sound good can't go without mentioning either. We're very, very proud of what we have here. While it won't necessarily sound the same as previous efforts, it is still 100% Suckerpunch and we hope it was worth the wait. Great new songs, a couple of golden oldies that we felt needed to be released again, and one ridiculous surprise at the end of the whole shebang.
More than anything we want to thank our friends and our families for putting up with us throughout our career, especially Mark, Brannon, Yellow, Dave, Will and Nate who will remain a part of our family no matter where in the world they are. Many thought that 2009 brought about the end of Suckerpunch, we hope that for those of you who listen to Lost in Space realize that this is simply a new beginning. Stick around folks... the best is yet to come."

Needless to say, it took a whole ton of plane flights, skype sessions, re-recording, and basically every bit of ingenuity and technology we had accessible to make this happen. But it did. And the finished product is one of the better things I think we've ever done. We recorded it entirely in Jeff's home studio. We used techniques we learned from friends and we overcame many of the errors and technical issues that plagued the recording of Department of the Inferior. It turned out pretty darn good. It might not be my favorite Suckerpunch album, but it has some of my favorite songs.

-Jeff played the drums on quite a few tracks, believe it or not. I flew down and laid as many as I could in the time I had, but if a song got missed or he felt it needed re-recording and I was stuck in Iowa, he just put on his drummer hat and went to work. His drums on "Parker Lewis," "True Grit," and "Feelin' Fine" are some of the best drum tracks we've ever had on an album. So, Jeff rules.
-Jeff also wrote, performed, and recorded "The Universe" on his own. It is another unique song in that it doesn't fit our sound at all, but people really, really liked that song.
-"Stacie" was originally written by Jeff as an acoustic tribute to my sister-in-law who passed away from a motorcycle accident at the age of 21 in Gainesville while she was getting ready to graduate from the University of Florida. This was hands down the hardest thing I've ever lived through, watching the life leave her body, and watching my wife lose a very big part of her self with it. We were all devastated. It genuinely affected every part of making this record, and that is why she is the angel at the center of the "face collage" on the inside of the record. Because she will always be there to look over us.
-Keep listening after Rick $cott. There is a hidden track. Some people thought it was funny.
-Yes, Rick $cott is a total parody of Kesha's Tik Tok. Congratulations on getting that one.
-"True Grit" was my other attempt at writing an entire song by myself. I didn't learn from Dept of the Inferior. Stupid, stupid me. But I promised the friends I had made in Iowa I would write a song about them and this was it. It even features a clip of my landlord, Smokin' Joe Baxter, at the end totally ripping off the Howie J. Reynolds bit from the start of Less Than Jake's "Losing Streak" album. I don't know if you know this about me personally, but I really, really love Less Than Jake. Like, a lot.


released November 23, 2011



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Suckerpunch Orlando, Florida

Ska/Punk/Reggae from Orlando, FL. Legends in their own minds, thank G-d none of them quit their day jobs...

Vocals and Guitar: Jeff

Bass: Yellow

Drums: JT

Sax and percussion: Markael

Trumpet and Guitar: Brannon

Sax: Dave

Trombone: Will

Trumpet: Nate
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