Go Meat!

by Suckerpunch

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Listening to this after not having heard it in a while... some of this is just, well... terrible. Some of it though is pure freaking gold, and thankfully it didn't disappear into the ether. Track 4 "Scoopguts" is still one of my favorite songs to play live. It turned out pretty good on this EP. Whereas the version of Hace Frio on here did not turn out so good. I think Jeff was trying to channel his inner Misfits-era Danzig on that, but who knows? Honestly, we were probably so messed up while putting this together that it really reflects where we were as a band at this time. Our horn players had officially left, we were now a punk 3 piece, and were trying our hardest to regain the momentum we had developed prior to The Jeff leaving us to go to New Mexico.

We had begun practicing in a warehouse owned by Chris Short of Alpaca Ranch studios, who also was the engineer for this EP. If anything sounds good at all, it is mostly thanks to him. Here, we were close to home, plus there was a fridge, and we just got all kinds of boozed up and tried to put together a quick release as we hadn't done anything in a year. Plus we were playing more shows, and that infamous track number 5 on here was gaining some steam.

Speaking of that, many people wonder how a ska/punk band comes up with a gimmicky, self-deprecating rap song. Here's the story: We were practicing over at Yellow's first place, many, many years ago, and were trying to come up with a way to make an entire song out of something we were goofing around with live at a show. the entire band was in on it. Brannon, Marky, Jeff, Yellow, and I, all hovering over a pad of paper on top of Yellow's washing machine out on his back porch. We started to just make jokes about my weight and obvious food addiction, and before you know it... Fat People was born. It is still to this day our most requested song, and the only thing that got any consistent radio attention in the entire time we were a band.

Another fun fact, this EP was originally called "Butt-Squeezed Lemonade" and even had a little merch run with it. However, when we re-released it in 2011, Jeff did not want his name attached to something called "Butt-Squeezed Lemonade," even though technically he was the one who came up with that name in the first place. We just blatantly ripped off Hillshire Farm's "Go Meat" advertising campaign because Jeff thought it was funny, and that became the new name of the EP. Easiest cover art ever. Good thing I'm a lawyer now, I guess...


released July 20, 2008



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Suckerpunch Orlando, Florida

Ska/Punk/Reggae from Orlando, FL. Legends in their own minds, thank G-d none of them quit their day jobs...

Vocals and Guitar: Jeff

Bass: Yellow

Drums: JT

Sax and percussion: Markael

Trumpet and Guitar: Brannon

Sax: Dave

Trombone: Will

Trumpet: Nate
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Track Name: Fat People are Harder 2 Kidnap
Here's a little story bout a guy
My name is JT I'm so fat I'm gonna die
But I won't die now I've got a job to do
And a story to tell that I swear is true

He likes raw meat cause that's what he needs
He at so much bacon that he got a nosebleed
He won't drink beer if there's grease on tap
Because FPAH2K

He likes his women and he likes his beer
He eats Thanksgiving 50 times a year
Ham Hocks
Pork Rinds
Slim Jims
Pig's Feet
He'll eat anything if it looks like meat

The point of the story
The moral of this rap
Is that FPAH2K