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Unplugged was a chance for us to go back and record some songs that did not survive the great "Panic at Nabizco fire" of 2005. We had recorded most of these songs at full speed and full power, and I think that album, had it been released on time and complete, would have really helped us gain a bigger foothold in the scene at that time.

A lot of these tracks, "They Want it All," "Missouri," "Little Piece of You," and "Tumbleweed," were all big favorites at live shows. It amazes me that this is the only recording of these songs we have.

Jeff did a killer job recording this album. Most of the drums are me, but there are one or two tracks where he redid the drums because he wanted to change the sound, tempo, or arrangement, and this CD came out really great. Chris Daley, the lead singer of the Playground Heroes, told me recently it is the best thing we've ever done. I don't know about that, but it was nice to hear.

Jeff wrote "Cow/First Date" in the studio and decided it HAD to be on this album, and after listening to it, it quickly became my favorite track on here. He is so unintentionally funny, I can only tell you that in my heart of hearts, I truly believe Jeff is a genius.

We sat down to discuss the artwork for it, and Jeff insisted on a retro/vintage/1950s suburban theme. I went ahead and whipped up the cover in no time, making sure to utilize that ol' tupperware green for the color scheme. Some people have mentioned that it looks similar to the cover for "Hello Rockview" by Less Than Jake, and it might very well be an homage to that. Again, I'm a HUGE LTJ fan and have been inspired by them and the artists that have done work for them since I first really got into playing music.

Overall, this album was an artistic success, but a commercial failure as it were. We expected to sell quite a few CDs and play a lot of shows, but I was in law school, Jeff was attending college, and real life just got in the way of giving this thing the push it deserved. In the end, we're glad it exists, but we failed it by not getting it out there with nearly the time and energy we expended on past releases.

But here it is for you, and we hope you enjoy some of these songs, stripped down, and basically it is our version of easy listening. Enjoy and thank you for reading any of this.


released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Suckerpunch Orlando, Florida

Ska/Punk/Reggae from Orlando, FL. Legends in their own minds, thank G-d none of them quit their day jobs...

Vocals and Guitar: Jeff

Bass: Yellow

Drums: JT

Sax and percussion: Markael

Trumpet and Guitar: Brannon

Sax: Dave

Trombone: Will

Trumpet: Nate
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